LA Day Trip

I recently took advantage of Metrolink’s $10 weekend pass that allows you to use the trains and connecting public transportation(such as bus and subway). My former roommates and I decided to go to LA for the day and do some exploring. I’ve outlined an itinerary that I hope will be helpful to anyone in the future!

9:14am: board the train from Orange County

10:30am: arrive at Union Station in LA

Once you get to LA there are a variety of things you can do:

Grand Central Market: From Union Station take the purple line down 2 stops and walk a couple blocks to Grand Central Market. There’s a ton of food places and its always crowded, but popular places to eat include Eggslut, McConnell’s ice cream, and Ramen Hood.

The Last Bookstore: This bookstore is close to Grand Central Market and features 2 stories of books on books on books. There are arches made of books that are very Instagrammable and overall the bookstore is fun to explore, especially if you love to read.

Bradbury building: This building has an iconic interior that you might recognize from movies such as 500 Days of Summer or Blade Runner. You can only access the 1st floor but it’s a really nice photo op and interesting piece of history.


The Broad: contemporary art museum. Need I say more? The line to get in without a reservation can be long, but when I went on a Sunday around 2:30pm, the line only took 30 minutes and then we were in!


My roomies and I at the Broad museum

Grand Park: Just one stop away from Union station,

Little Tokyo: Can be accessed by the Metro Gold Line. There’s plenty of cute shops and restaurants to explore here. I went to Cafe Dulce and got a milk tea which was kinda overpriced but the food and drinks here were all so cute.

Santa Monica Pier: If you’re feeling adventurous, you can take the Expo Line all the way to Santa Monica. Honestly it’s a little far, but SM is always poppin.

Hollywood: Very touristy place but definitely a must see if you haven’t been already. There’s plenty of shopping, the Walk of Fame, and the Chinese Theater.

4:40pm: board the train at Union Station to go back to OC

Taking public transportation is really nice because you don’t have to worry about parking or traffic(which gets pretty bad in LA), and the pricing of the weekend pass is affordable. The only con is that the last train from LA to OC is at 4:40pm so you can’t really explore LA at night. But all in all, this would be a good day trip for those who don’t want to drive in the horrible LA traffic.

Summer is almost over so get out there, explore, and make some memories! 🙂

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