Another school year is about to start, and so do feelings of nostalgia.

I was a member of my school’s marching band for my first two years of college. I remember entering as a shy and extremely quiet person. I was lucky to make a small but tight-knit group of close friends in the clarinet section. We weren’t the most popular people in our section, but we bonded together over band gossip, school pride, and Monday wet burrito dinners at Rendezvous. Looking back, I realize that band really helped me assimilate into college life. I wasn’t even that good at band, but it somehow gave me a sense of purpose, belonging, and excitement. It shaped my identity as a college student and made me feel like a part of something bigger than myself, a part of tradition. I remember feeling proud whenever people asked me about myself and I told them I was a part of marching band. Most people thought that was so cool, which made me feel cool. It was definitely a great conversation starter.

Now as I enter my last year of college, I feel a nostalgia for band. Never will I regret my decision to quit band, but I know I’ll forever cherish those memories that I made as a member of band. I had a blast performing at games and events and traveling with the band and football team.

I am nostalgic of how new everything felt as a freshman. I hope to readjust my outlook on college to see things with awe, wonder, and optimism, as I felt at the beginning of college. Although I’ve changed tremendously over the past couple years, one thing that I wish I hadn’t lost was that sense of wonder. Here’s to senior year. Here’s to a fresh start. Here’s to my best chance.